Hackin’ away

Last Saturday, we ran our first “internal+” hackathon. We were nine people, hacking away for 3 hours.

By Laurent Baumann

Hey, Laurent here.

This week, a couple of quick updates about the first hackathon, and some MRjs updates.

The first hackathon

Last Saturday, we ran our first internal+ hackathon. We were nine people, hacking away for 3 hours. The prompt was simple: Make a tiny mixed-reality page for yourself, a pet, a place, a thing… A nice place on the spatial web. You can find all the slides here if you would like 😊

This was the first of a series of hackathon we will regularly run. Their purpose is to test the developer experience of both MRjs and Volumetrics:

  1. How beneficial is MRjs familiarity with HTML and CSS to beginners? This will guide our library design.
  2. How can our documentation lower the MRjs learning curve? Our goal is to welcome developers who are MR-curious but gated by the current solutions’ complexity.
  3. What functionalities are required for our Volumetrics cloud editor to be viable? Our proposition is bold: leave your laptop behind. For this, our editor needs to nail the basics!
  4. Which features are potentially behind a paywall
  5. What are the first things people like to try to build?
  6. And some other UXR hypothesis

The results were great. People had fun. I will leave you with this screenshot of a participant’s projects, which included ray-marched clouds written as a custom MRjs entity 🤯

A white, puffy 3D cloud on a blue background.

Podcast episode for the week

This week, the Volumetrics Podcast goes into deeper details on the hackathon, MRjs updates, and we discuss this amazing Vision Pro “review” by Mark Zuckerberg, alongside this wild Reddit post. It’s a fun one!

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Happy listening, until next time.

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