Make your spatial app a reality

Create web-based spatial experiences for mixed-reality, in mixed reality.
We just started to build, but you can follow our progress already!

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What are we building?

We are building two things: an open-source UI library made for spatial web apps, and a full IDE, to code, collaborate, and deploy apps directly from the headset.

A spatial UI library
  1. Open-source and extendable: Built on top of web standards, you can implement custom elements and contribute to the ecosystem.
  2. Familiar and powerful: Looks and feels like existing libraries, but designed from the ground up for mixed-reality. Start with 2D and ease your way into creating 3D content.
  3. All-in-one: Asset management, physics, and user interaction come built in, so you can spend less time laying the foundation and more time building your app.
A spatial experience builder
  1. No additional workstation required: You don’t need a computer to use your computer: cloud-based and accessible from your headset's browser.
  2. Spatial native: No longer tethered to a 2D screen, designers can edit UI and 3D content with their hands through a spatial no-code interface, and developers can edit code on the fly with a bluetooth keyboard.
  3. Multi-tiered: Some features will be gated behind a paid wall. Yes, this is how we make money!

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